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When GOD decides to Bless You

So here's what happened and I have about 20 minutes to write this while placing an order for my updated watch and preparing for my meeting in 40 minutes. Here goes.

On Sunday I decided to actually take some time out to make dinner. I love cooking and used to cook all the time, but because life happed, I haven't cooked in forever! So I decided it's time! I got myself dressed to run to the supermarket, dashed out the house to my car, pressed the car alarm and nothing happened. I walked closer to my car, pressed it again and again, nothing happened. So I decided to use the old fashion way, inserted the key, and got in the car. I pressed the start button and guess what? NOTHING HAPPENED! My car wouldn't start! Now normally I would've automatically started thinking how I have to spend money to get my car towed, pay the mechanic, pay for the parts, blah, blah, blah, but nope, not this time. I literally didn't flinch! I turned around and asked my mom to use her car and off I went to the market.

Beloved, believe it or not, while shopping, I didn't even think twice about my car. I shopped, returned home, cooked, ate, chatted on the phone, had a fleeting thought about calling AAA, decided not to, watched a movie, then off to bed I went. Yup, that's exactly how it happened. No stress at all. Period.

At 2am I woke up. To keep it simple, the nasty little demons were trying to frustrate me, but instead I got myself to the kitchen, grabbed some water, a yogurt to settle the acid reflux situation, and back to bed I went. Again, I wasn't bothered nor was me being awakened at 2am a thought in my mind. I guess when you're a deliverance minister, you get used to the nuances. So I went back to sleep, had my usual profoundly prophetic dream, and then woke up at my regular Monday morning before the roosters time! Beloved, this whole time, I wasn't moved. Eventually, later in the day I called AAA. They came out, checked the battery, suggested I have it changed, and then offered to change it on the spot! Guys, I didn't know AAA could change your battery on the spot! I only had knowledge of them giving you a jump and then you'd deal with the extras. My, what a long way we've come. Anyhow, that was my 2nd blessings. The first was, I wasn't moved at all about my car! Nope, not in the least way which is pretty phenomenal for sure! The second was, AAA changed the battery right there and I didn't have to go to the auto store and attempt to sort out which battery will give me the best bang for my buck! Another thing is, my car wasn't worse than what it could've been. It was merely a simple fix. Look at GOD.

Now, let's talk about my third blessing, my Samsung Active 5 LTE watch. So I've had my Samsung Active 2 for quite some time. The fact it's the Active 2 should tell you how long it's been. I mean they're all the way up to a 5! Well then again that doesn't mean much in today's tech age. With the lightening speed we're moving with technology, it's not uncommon to see a version 4 today and by next week we'll see version Alright I know, maybe there's a tad bit of exaggeration there. I digress. Ok so, my watch started bugging out 1 1/2 years ago and I went to get it fixed only to have the Samsung store reps tell me I have to mail it in for service. I twiddle dumbed and twiddle deed for a bit, then I finally called them about 4 months after my visit to the store. They told me to mail it in, but I failed to comply. Again, life happened. So finally today, after a kazillion years passed and a very deep breath, I decided today is the day for me to call and make things happen. So I called and the first rep wasn't nice nor was he very informative. He quoted me a price of $290 for the Active 5, a grade down from the LTE, and that's including the trade in of my old watch. Since I didn't care for his customer service presentation and I hadn't done my normal research because I didn't plan on buying, I graciously told him I'd buzz them back. I got off the phone and immediately began researching. My research was going well, briefly, but then I started hearing tid bits between fellowshipping with my eyelids. I woke up probably 10 minutes later and decided to call again. I wasn't going to delay this watch thing any further.

With my 2nd call I encountered a really nice agent. She was so very nice, I'd go as far as saying she was as nice as pie! The problem is, a pie can't do a darn thing for you! Saints, she was nice and CLUELESS! Every bit of information I gave her, she entered it incorrectly. My name, my phone number, my address, everything was wrong! Then she wanted to access my phone to place the item in my cart and after thinking about it, I told her no! I mean, can you imagine, she probably would've found a way to jack up my phone! No ma'am. She did however, manage to get me a great price for the more expensive watch while the 1st rep's quote was higher for the lesser grade. I know this is long, but stick with me. I gotta give you the details. So since she couldn't get her life together, she transferred me to a colleague. Translation, "I'm tired of trying to help this lady so let me push her off to someone else". I'll take the pushing any day if you're pushing me off to someone who actually knows what they're doing. Thank You sweet baby Jesus!!! I tell you, that push was a blessing!

The 3rd rep, my 3rd blessing was obviously a GOD-send. This rep came on and she performed exactly how we expect a customer service agent to perform. She handled the situation professionally and with expertise. She got me all sorted out. She fumbled (it's super bowl time) a little, but not only did she make up for her blunder, she also made up for reps 1 and 2! I mean come on, what more can a gal ask for. She gave me an even deeper discount than the 2nd rep for the more expensive (latest) Active watch. I literally went from almost paying a little over $300 ($329.00) to basically half price! Well +/- a few bucks. The 3rd agent quoted me $175.16!!! I mean, come on! Look at GOD. She then gave me an additional $7.16 off because of a glitch on her end. So my total ended up being $168!!! LORD! Now you guys tell me, didn't GOD do His thing?! What a mighty blessing. I can't thank the LORD enough. I will say this, I had to put in some time on the phone and call back 2x, but that blessing number 3 was worth it. The 3rd time was a charm. GOD the Father, GOD the Son, and GOD the Holy Spirit - the Divine number 3!

Listen, I know for sure I'm not the only one who was blessed today. So why not share. I'd love to hear of a blessing you received today. Do tell.

Abundant blessings and love.

P.S. By the way, I couldn't finish in 20 minutes because my CPA called me, WHILE I was on the phone ordering my watch! Nevertheless, I got it done. Catch you later! Bye for now.

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Feb 14, 2023

I love it, fellowshipping with your eyelids hilarious lol. Thank God for all your beautiful blessings and your composure. 

Dr. Sophia Mattis
Dr. Sophia Mattis
Feb 14, 2023
Replying to

Lol...🤣I know right. I was in harmony with my eyelids. I thank GOD for thr blessings and I thank Him you've enjoyed the post. Abundant blessings to you Tazze🧡🙏🏾💯 Thanks for reading.

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