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Have you ever thought of taking a sabbatical (break) from asking GOD for things? Well if you haven't, there's definitely a time to do so. Visit us in the group where I'll guide you on how to do exactly just that. Join the Facebook group by clicking on the circled "F" on the left of the page or the logo below, answer 3 simple questions, and let's get you on your way. Don't hesitate, join now and begin reaping the rewards you'll get once you've taken a break from petitioning GOD for things. See you there!

About The Seasons For Gratitude Group


The Seasons for Gratitude group is the place where we take a sabbatical (break) from asking GOD for things. This is where you'll use your words to change your life! It's a safe place to worship, fellowship, testify, and share the goodness of GOD.

You'll receive updates on everything surrounding our 30 Days of Gratitude Journey. You're encouraged to share positive thoughts and experiences.


During an active 30 day season, ❄️Winter❄️, 🌷Spring🌷,🌻Summer🌻and 🍁Fall🍂, you'll join the journey by

1. Spending 30 days journaling your day.

2. Writing a series of thank yous to GOD.

3. Refrain from asking, but instead thanking GOD.

4. Join us for 4 Saturday zoom sessions at our Don't be shy Testify, where we testify of the goodness of GOD.🥰


I just know you're going to witness the hand of GOD move in your life. I can't wait until you see it too‼️


Abundant blessings and love.

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