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A Simplified Textbook

Remember being new on the job? Or how about being the new kid on the block? Remember feeling completely lost and afraid? It’s that very feeling many new Christians experience upon giving their life to Christ. The anxiety, the curiosity, the overwhelming feeling of not being in the “know” for the new Christian stops now! With great excitement and curiosity, come and explore the basic principles of this beautiful ancient faith unraveled in CHRISTIANITY 101: The ABC’s and 123’s of THE FAITH.In this book, CHRISTIANITY 101: The ABC's and 123's of THE FAITH I highlight some of the most basic Christian principles. For the staunch Christian, this book will prove elementary but for the babe in Christ and the curious minds, this book is ideal for addressing the fundamentals of the Christian faith.


Epistles to Abba - Letters From The heart (2020)

A collection of unique prayers

There is no formula for how to pray. Prayers are not meant to be regimented or structured. When talking/praying to GOD, know that GOD is aware of our needs before we ask. Revering GOD, addressing Him with the utmost respect, is desirable but not warranted. With 53 prayers in Letters from the Heart, Dr. Sophia Mattis demonstrates there are various ways to petition/pray to GOD. For each week of the year plus a bonus, Dr. Mattis provides prayers signed with the individual’s name based on their situation, followed by one of GOD’s numerous attributes, & concluded with a relevant scripture. These prayers are thought-provoking, emotionally stirring, and at times humorous. EPISTLES TO ABBA will help assure you that no matter what, when, or how it is said, the Lord GOD hears your prayer(s).

Epistles To Abba F Cover-SAS.jpg

A Daily Journal

Scattered throughout this beautiful journal you'll find positive words spoken during the Our Father’s Pot meetings along with supporting scripture and encouraging scriptures to aid you along your journey to wellness. The words within the journal not only serves to help as a reminder of how each person ought to be with their fellow brothers and sisters but also how they should treat themselves. Use the short scriptures and affirmations to remind you of some of the things that matter most.


A Devotional + Journal

Gratitude is paramount! Gratitude is paramount! Have you ever heard GOD say, “No more asking for things?” How about hearing GOD say, “For the next 30 days I don’t want you to ask for anything. For the next 30 days, only express appreciation. For the next 30 days don’t ask Me for a thing. Instead, just be grateful.”30 Days of Gratitude will season you to pray with gratitude while offering up praise. Each day you spend giving gratitude and penning the things you are thankful for, you’ll begin to develop a habitual gratitude-filled prayer life.


A Workbook + Journal

Think of a time your friend called for advice or help solving a problem when you were exhausted! Remember not being in the right frame of mind? That’s probably because you were overworked, and you didn’t take time to recharge. 30 Days of Gratitude Use Your Words to Change Your Life – Rest Refresh Refocus – A Self-examining Workbook helps you get out of the rat race of life and into a space where you can breathe. This book will help you get yourself back on track. With thoughtful questions and supportive scriptures included, you’re sure to start clearing out the clutter in your soul as you go deeper within yourself. Get optimal results when you use this workbook along with one of the 30 Days of Gratitude seasonal editions and the 30 Days of Gratitude Use Your Words to Change Your Life – Prayer Companion.

COVER-Rest Refresh Refocus-30 Days WORKBOOK_edited.jpg

Coming Soon

A Devotional + Journal

The information in this collection supports “all things spring,” meaning they focus on things pertaining to the spring season. These spring tidbits and their association with the spring months that you may be familiar with, cover the mild weather season. You’ll marvel at the benefits of some; others will astound you, while some will add to your knowledge. From fun things like recipes to the benefits of some of the ingredients in those recipes to interesting science backed information on common health matters, this book is a must have for your collection. With scriptures dispersed throughout, 30 Days of Gratitude Use Your Words to Change Your Life – Spring Edition is definitely a book to add to your cold weather arsenal.


A Prayer Compilation

A compilation of prayers to end your day while on your 30 day journey.

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