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Wow, $15.00!

Is $15 worth talking about?

I don't look at any amount of money from the LORD as something small. Everything I receive is more than I had before so truly it is a blessing.

A few days ago I received a check for $15.00. Apparently it's from a resolved class action lawsuit. I don't even recall being a part of the thing they said I was a part of, but as GOD would have it, I received a check in the mail stating I'm entitled to proceeds from the win. Wow, wow, wow! Isn't GOD grand. Now I'm sure someone reading this will say, "But that's nothing. Its only $15. Well that's ok, afterall, we're all entitled to our opinion. What I do know is remaining in a posture of gratitude before the LORD is definitely the way to be sure you're pleasing the Father and when we're pleasing to the LORD, we place ourselves in an extremely favorable position in His sight.

Won't GOD do it!!!

Thank You LORD for loving me. Thank You LORD for blessing me. Thank You LORD for always standing by my side!

Abundant blessings and love. The grace of our LORD Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

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