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Sophia Mattis Biography


Serving as an interim radio co-host, & guest speaker at multiple venues, Dr. SOPHIA MATTIS’ voice has been heard worldwide. She is a devout Christian born in Jamaica West Indies, a physician, motivational speaker, author, and lecturer residing in Long Island, New York, holding degrees in Medicine, Health Services Administration, and Sociology it’s evident Sophia is passionate about the well-being of mankind. She is focused and determined to heal the minds of GOD’s children by way of His Word. Dr. Mattis’ love for GOD nourishes her mission to heal the mind of the destitute. She focuses her attention heavily on disadvantaged children, the elderly, and the homeless. Dr. Mattis hopes to usher in the Light of GOD into the dark places in the minds of those she encounters while winning numerous souls for GOD’s Kingdom by preaching the gospel and professing the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Throughout the years, Dr. Mattis has written numerous health and wellness newspaper articles while providing weekly encouraging segments for various online Christian newspapers. Currently, Dr. Mattis has published several Christian based books & has several Christian books pending publication.

Spearheading the 30 Days of Gratitude movement and events such as: the United Nation’s International Day of Peace – (an initiative focusing on combat gang violence within her community), N.A.C.I. – Never Alone Care Initiative – an initiative providing toiletries to the less fortunate), and OFP – Our Father’s Pot – (a monthly gathering where women discuss pressing matters), are some of the undertakings she engages. To help combat hunger and homelessness on Long Island, Dr. Mattis helps distribute food both at her local church and soup kitchen.  Dr. Mattis is an active Biometrics Medical Review Board Member who continuously seeks out volunteering opportunities during her travels, to assist in enhancing dilapidated communities and feeding those who are less fortunate.

Dr. Mattis’ love for GOD, His people, evangelism, healing, teaching, and philanthropy, motivates her to minister the Word of GOD worldwide. She attributes her knowledge of the Word to the Holy Spirit’s teaching and leading.

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