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Meet & Greet 30 Days of Gratitude Intro

Change your life in 30 Days!

Service Description

Use Your Words to Change your Life! If you're tired of the rat race and you're ready to recalibrate, then this is the meeting for you! Come along with a group of like-minded people and join me during this virtual meeting where I'll explain how you can change your life by simply harnessing the power of gratitude. The 30 Days of Gratitude movement is truly transformative. Give GOD a solid 30 Days of Gratitude and witness His hand move in your life! This simple yet extremely powerful 30 Day movement is definitely a mind-blowing movement!

What's Your Scenario?
Let's discuss your scenario (situation).

Service Description

Meet with Dr. Sophia and present your Scenario (issue). You will discuss how she may be of further assistance to you and decide if you're both a good fit. Obtain guidance on mentoring, couples counseling, coaching, identifying goals, self-esteem issues, a listening ear, get started in life, directions with writing a book, and more. Book your session today!

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