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Welcome, I'm Dr. Sophia

Welcome to Scenario with me, Dr. Sophia. I'm so honored and delighted you've decided to visit my page. I know you may be wondering what does Scenario with Sophia mean or what is it all about, right? Well wonder no more. Scenario with Sophia means exactly what the name implies, I deal with real life scenarios (situation) that you may not want to share with your loved ones. I also deal with those scenarios you've shared with a loved one, but you feel their advice is biased. Either way, this is a safe place where you can obtain the opinion of an outsider, someone totally foreign to you, whom you can trust will give you sound advice. My advice is based on countless life experiences I've had, both in the professional and non-professional setting.

Throughout the years, I've encountered a variety of people from all walks of life asking me for advice. They want to know how to deal with a current situation, things of GOD, and the like. I've also had friends over the years suggest I start offering my advice to others as they seem to feel my counsel is priceless. Well I tell you this, the truth is, I can't do anything outside of Jesus Christ who strengthens me. By the leading of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus of Nazareth and of course starting with GOD the Father, I've been able to voice many truths, encourage the destitute, and empower the powerless. When permitted, I become the voice of reason in your head. My approach is simple, every advice given is based on biblical principles. I'm straightforward, jovial, and stern when necessary. If what I've said sounds like we'll make for a good fit, reach out! I'd be truly honored and delighted to mentally help you with everyday matters. However, if you're unsure this may be a good fit, no problem, I still welcome you to tour the site, become engaged in the groups and forum, sign up to become a member, and last but not least be sure to say hi.

Abundant blessings and love,

Dr. Sophia

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