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Recognizing Favor

So here I am early in the morning up all night with no sleep constructing this blog.

Beloved, when GOD blesses you, you should testify!

So as I was searching for food for while in the hospital, a nurse told me I can't access the food area. He told me the area is restricted. I then found someone at the vending machine who told me the machine is not working and why don't I go and get food in the cafeteria. I told him what the nurse said and as I was explaining, the security guard came by and asked if I want to get food. I said yes and then he said come with me. I asked him if I'm allowed in that area and he said yes. All you have to do is swipe your badge. So as we walked the hospital making our way to the Bistro, he said, "Hold on a second." He came back and then said, "Here you go. Don't mention getting this from me." I'm pretty sure it wasn't an issue and he was running a joke, but he was the 2nd person to offer me apple and cranberry juice within an hour or so! What an amazing blessing.

So we ended up in the Bistro which closed the section for the hot meals. I asked the chef if he'd toast a few slices of bread for me, knowing they were closed. He said sure and gave me 4 slices. Another blessing! I once read an author write, "GOD is in the small stuff," and I totally agree! Wonderfully said, wouldn't you agree? Now here's my question to you, how have you experienced GOD being in the 'small stuff'?

Abundant blessings and love.

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Wow amazing. Favor surrounds you. I love it. May God continue to show you favor.


Thank you💕

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