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Look for Favor

Have you ever thought to yourself, I shouldn't complain about anything today, but instead I should seek to identify the favor of GOD? Well, this is something I made my mission. I intentionally sat back today after running errands and asked, what favor did I receive today? Within less than 60 seconds, I identified my 'today's' blessing.

Remember that Samsung Active watch I received a great deal on? Well today I went to FedEx to return the old one as a part of the exchange program only to face a super slow line. The line was so very slow, 1 of the customers ahead of me left. I decided I wasn't going to leave, but instead I'd pop to the front of the line and ask if there's a way I can drop my package off. The box already had a return label and all I needed was the package to be scanned and a receipt of delivery. Well the agent said sure, scanned the box, gave me a receipt, and I was on my way! There was someone ahead of me plus 2 other people waiting for troubleshooting assistance. The lady in front of me had an annoyed look on her face. I promise, I only wanted a quick 2 second scan which is what I received. Well maybe it was more like a minute or so. I actually was going to apologize to her, but as I turend to do so, the next agent called her to the front. Thank GOD for her patience. Thank GOD for His favor.

Before going to FedEx, I went to the Samsung store in the mall to have them reset the watch, a requirement to return it. I really went to have them assist me take off the face I had on the watch. Go figure, I didn't even realize there was no face on the watch! I had already taken it off! Really Soph?! To my defense, I hadn't worn my watch in about a year so I forgot I removed the face. Anyhow, after the reset I figured I'd ask them to print the return label as to save a trip home and then having to go out again. The agent said I'd have to get permission from the manager. So I asked the manager if he'd print the return label for me and what do you think he said? If you're saying he said yes then you're 100% correct. He said sure. What an awesome day it was! I tell you, it's the 'little' big things that make me happy. Those very things are what remind me of GOD's favor.

Without question, favor surrounds me and I believe, if you stop and analyze your day, you too will see that the favor of GOD also surrounds you!

Abundant blessings and love.

The grace of our LORD Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

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