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Favor On All Sides

You know GOD is in the favor business when blessings overtake you.

Now I must admit I've been a bit pouty for about 2 weeks now. The truth is, I desired something greater than what GOD blessed me with. If we're being honest, how often are we ungrateful for the blessings we've received? Well listen up, if you're pouting, complaining, not rejoicing, and frowning when GOD brings in the new, the overflow, the blessings, then you're in a place that lacks gratitude, period full stop. Beloved, even in my state of pouting, without getting into the thick of things, I'll just say, GOD still showers me with underserved blessings and I know He does that for you too!

I have several meetings to attend in the latter part of next week in which I've been corresponding via email. So today I checked my email and read one asking me if it will be ok for me to attend one of those meetings in a particular location. Now you may be saying what's strange about that or where's the blessing in that, right? Well here it is, the person said, "... ordinarily I would just go ahead and enroll you without asking, but the location is not easily reached..." Wow! Talk about favor! Such respect from someone who doesn't know me and honestly, who doesn't owe me a thing! Listen up, that's not just a thing that happened; that's the hand of GOD!

I'm so grateful for GOD's faithfulness even during my times of unfaithfulness (lack of consistent gratitude). Already, GOD is showing me He's giving me favor. Thank You LORD.

Beloved listen up, my blogs aren't vain boasting sessions, they are boasting sessions about the true and living GOD. My prayer is that you will begin seeking to identify all the blessings GOD has showered you with. I pray you will begin recognizing all those 'little' things GOD does that makes you smile and instead of seeing them as little things, you'll begin seeing them as the great and mighty hand of GOD moving in your life. GOD bless you, GOD bless you, and GOD bless you.

Abundant blessings and love. The grace of our LORD Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

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