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Favor Never Gets Old

I can't help but to be grateful in all circumstances, regardless of how traumatic some can be. While I may be experiencing a "valley of the shadow of death" moment, I eventually manage to come to grips with the situation and refocus my attention on GOD. Gratitude is paramount no matter the storm. Regardless of the present situation, you're still standing and if you're still standing then there's a bigger picture the LORD wants you to see.

It's important to step outside of yourself, your emotions, your situation, and bottom-line simply just step out of you and begin to look at things from the other person's point-of-view. No matter the situation, things are always rooted in something. Things don't just appear out of nowhere.

Late last week I was having breakfast and my new, usual waitress had her normal flustered look. She came over to me, said, "Hi, good to see you again" and then asked if I wanted my usual. I said yes, but instead of coffee I'll take a drink. She said, "You got it." As she turned to walk away I did my usual and said, how are you doing today? She sighed and said, "Not so good. Today is a really hard day for me." I asked her, what's going on and she replied, "I've had some really hard (mean) customers today." I looked deeply into her eyes and said, I'm so sorry. Always remember, never take it personal. She said that's so hard to do and I agreed. I told her it can be difficult, but always remember, never take it personal. It's merely a job and people come in with all types of problems that wasn't caused by you. Many tend to take their frustration out on others, which is unfair, but just remember, never-take-it- personal. If you can remember that tid bit, you'll be so much better off. Immediately, a beautiful angelic smile graced her face as she said in a soft voice, "Thank you." She returned with my breakfast, walked away, and by the time she passed by again, I had finished my drink. I asked for another while making sure it's free refills, but she said, "Oh no, there's no free refills." With a look of amazement, I said, really? While in my mind I was recalling them giving free refills. COVID changed so many things. As I was preparing to say no worries, I'll still take another, she whispered, "Don't worry, I'll give you a free refill." What a blessing! Favor never gets old and I will never get tired of saying thank You GOD.

I often joke with GOD saying, Well GOD, I guess You don't want me to lose weight huh because many of the favor You bless me with, it's often with free food... lol. I am grateful.

Beloved, as many of you may know, ministry never ends. The day I went to breakfast was the same day I had to return to the hospital to care for a loved one. Despite a week of sleepless nights on the hospital sofa, extreme fatigue, and an appointment after breakfast, my heart doesn't know how to stop displaying the love of Christ and I'm thankful it doesn't.

So tell me, when was the last time you were under great stress, yet you stepped outside of yourself to minister with the love of GOD?

Thanks for reading.

Abundant blessings and love.

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