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Answered Prayers

When GOD answers your prayers be sure to say thank You. As a matter of fact, thank Him even before you receive your answer. Faithfully thank Him and in faith.

Listen, if a prayer is answered to your satisfaction (tangible manifestation) or answered to your dissatisfaction (non tangible results), be thankful always. GOD's no is just as good as His yes. Remember, we can't see, know, and be all things, only GOD holds such power so trust the process. Even when it's hard and things seem delayed, trust the process while reminding yourself that GOD is the processor of all things.

On Feb. 17, 2023 I received a call from someone asking me to pray for them. This saint was really going through a difficult time. So with the permission of the person, I prayed and asked a few others to stand with me in prayer for this saint. Yesterday, the person told me that on Feb. 20, 2023, just 3 days later, this saint received a call to come in to work on the 21st. The call was for a job! I couldn't stop thanking the LORD for what He had done. On the same day I prayed for 2 saints who were going through a very serious time and later that night, I found myself propped up on 2 ER chairs waiting for my loved one to be admitted. Beloved, you never know what life has in store for you. You simply don't know the next game life will throw at you. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure and 2 thing is certain, I will never stop praying and standing in the gap (interceding) for the ones the LORD has commissioned me to and I advise you to do the same.

A special thank you to those who stood with me in prayer for this saint, you know who you are and most importantly, once again, thank You Father GOD for answering our prayer. I can never give y=You enough thanks and praise. Love You LORD!

When's the last time you interceded for some and saw immediate results?

Abundant blessings and love.

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